Harriet Williams – England

It’s difficult to fully describe my time here. The month seems to have flown and remembering all that we’ve done and see in just one month is likely impossible. However there are also things I will never be able to forget from the elephants in the river to the snake in our bedroom. I was so nervous, so doubtful about coming here. I thought I’d be ready to leave after four weeks but here’s the thing about Askari – it’s not leaving behind a house full of strangers in the middle of nowhere. It’s like leaving behind a new found family and a home in what you will realise is one of the most phenomenal places on earth. Katie and Ed and all the team on Pidwa – you have made this month one of the best of my brief 18 years. You welcomed us into your home and inspired us with your passion and motivation and I think I speak for the whole team when I say how grateful I am. Keep in touch and let us know how Midnight gets on.

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