The thirst for Africa is in the little things…..

This was my second time at Askari and like I thought, it was as extraordinary and meaningful as the first time. Just the fact that there are so many returnees really shows how Askari has impacted all of us. The thirst for Africa is in the little things. It starts when you wake up to see the sunrise and hear the birds singing their daily lullaby. It’s in the eyes, filled with passion for the bush of the amazing people that are Katie & Robbie. It’s at the end of a long day, when you can feel the ache in your arms, but still smile knowing you made a difference. It’s in the sound of the lions at night, roaring across the savanna. It’s even in the fluttering of the butterfly’s wings and the nights spent in the bush watching the stars and feeling the warmth of the fire. From the laughter at the dinner table and the endless nights dancing and singing in the dark, until our feet hurt and voices can’t be told apart. To the intense exchange of glances with the elephant crossing our way in the middle of the savanna. So thank you Katie & Robbie, for making Askari feel like home. Like Ernest Hemmingway once said “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy”


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