Caelan Beard – Canada

My 4 weeks here at Askari have been the best month of my life. Going to Africa and seeing animals such as lions, elephants and so on has been a “bucket list” dream of mine. Here at Askari I have seen everything, and not only that, I’ve gained appreciation and awe for so many aspects of conservation and bush life. Katie, Robbie, Cas and Andrew all did an amazing job welcoming us and guiding us through experiences I could never have even imagined! The Askari staff are so knowledgeable. I know I’ve only glimpsed a tip of the iceberg yet I’ve gained so much. Their passion is contagious, even after years in the bush, they are still just as excited as us over great sightings. It is volunteering but the work is always fun, the team is always happy and it really felt like a holiday. I am sad to have to leave; this month is going to be remembered as one of the best times of my life. Undoubtedly.

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