Sam Short – England

Having done a few volunteer projects in the past, Askari has taken over my expectations for true conservation work and I can say I’ve found the valuable project I was looking for. Everything we do here is for the ecosystem, from the animals to the soil. Through Robbie and Katie’s knowledge and enthusiasm I know I have played a part in something special. I’ve had the most moving animal encounters, the most emotional experiences and the happiest of days in the company of incredible people. Askari is unique in its pursuit for pure wilderness restoration and leaders in the field of wildlife conservation, and therefore I know I will return whenever I can. I feel I have captured the true spirit of Africa here and at the end of every day I could smile knowing what we did that day really matters. Two months isn’t enough as I know I could learn so much more every day. I will take the ethos I’ve learnt here into my future endeavours and I’m proud to say I’m an Askarian.

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