Alexandra Reysset – France

I don’t know how to start. This experience was one of the best in my life. If I could give an advice it would be to stay more than one month. There are too many activities we would like to do twice (bush walk…tracking…) and we don’t have time in one month. Future volunteers: if you decide to come to Askari you will find an amazing staff full of knowledge, passionated by the bush, who first want to share good moments. You will learn so many things about wildlife, nature, conservation. You will see a lot of different animals and above all you will feel useful. Be prepared to live and incredible and unforgettable experience. Robbie, Katie, as I told you in the letter we wrote to you, I am so happy to have met you. I am so grateful to have shared this month with you, and I am moved writing these words. I will miss you and I’m sure to come back one day. Continue to be such amazing people, and to make people want to love the bush.

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