Craig Searle – New Zealand

I expected to roll up the sleeves, work hard at any project and probably learn a fair bit along the way. What was gained far exceeded my expectations.
After an emotional farewell I realised the this journey did not only open my eyes further to conservation but I also gained an immense appreciation of purpose. The conservation blood line within this team runs very strong through ownership to management and into the volunteers. We were fortunate to meet the owners who support this mission which confirmed an intelligent vision and commitment to simply do the right thing for the land & all those on it so the future children can enjoy. Their passion is emphasised by this team who patiently share their knowledge and wisdom while creating multiple opportunities that simply blew my mind apart.
If you are reading this and thinking maybe – I strongly encourage you to contribute to this team and arrive without any expectations, do your best and enjoy what is an amazing opportunity while making a difference for the future. Oh, the facilities are great and you will have shit loads on fun along the way 😀
An experience worth waiting for!

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