Karen Rosborough – Canada

It was a special honour to be able to experience Askari even if only for a brief slice of time. Two weeks isn’t long enough….
The thing that stands out most, aside from seeing some of the coolest creatures I have seen in my life, is the people: passionate and knowledgeable staff/guides and volunteers from all over the world who have come for the same reason – to experience the South African bush but more than that, to contribute to the restoration and conservation of it. That is what sets Askari apart from anything else I have done. That is what gives travel here a deeper significance. And the fact that we have over 17,000 hectares of wild space to ourselves is the best! There are no tourist crowds. No other game viewers full of people driving the same roads, blocking views…It is just us (whilst we are here) to appreciate, enjoy and help conserve. Wide open natural spaces full of serene beauty and magnificent creatures from the tiny termites with their monstrous mounds to the majestic lions and everything in between. And the deep red sunsets and sunrises are pretty spectacular too.
I love that anything can happen at any time and indeed it often does! You have to be ready and prepared or else you’ll miss it. Hope I can return someday….

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