New cheetah cubs for Kusala

We had been expecting it for a while – since her last male cub ‘Khinga’ went solo and left the protection of his mother. It was only a matter of time before super star cheetah mum ‘Kusala’ was pregnant again but seeing the cubs, now that’s a different story. Luckily for the team that time came last week when ‘Kusala’ was spotted with 3 gorgeous little cubs estimated to be around 10 weeks old. To still have 3, so late on is a great sign. Life as a cheetah mum is tough. There are no males around to help out, you are at the bottom of the predator food chain already and now you have to protect yourself, your cubs and provide food for all. The cubs have their own protection in the form of their ‘mantle’. The hair that runs down the back of the neck helps fool potential predators into thinking they are a (famously formidable) honey badger! We can’t wait to see the cubs again.

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